Steps in a Business Analyst Project

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Steps in a Business Analyst Project
by Mary K. Hogan, Demand Media

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A business analyst, or BA, is one of the members of a project management team. The purpose of a project management team is to improve a business process or solve a problem within an organization. The stakeholders in a project are those individuals or groups who will benefit from its outcome. A BA's job is to work with stakeholders to fully understand what they need the project to achieve. The BA then communicates stakeholder needs to the project team and ensures that at the conclusion of the project those needs have been met. Ads by Google

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So, What Is It That A Business Analyst Does?
A business analyst acts as the bridge between end users who have a business problem and the project management team, which provides the solution. For example, suppose a company has separate computer systems for Human Resources, accounting and sales. This causes a duplication of efforts, costing the company time and money. The BA consults with representatives from each department to understand how they work and what they need from a computer system. The BA then communicates this information to the project team, including a technology representative, and helps determine how to improve the process. Enterprise Analysis

The business analyst's first order of business is to learn and understand an organization's structure, including who reports to whom, and the functions and interactions of departments within the organization. This is...
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