Steps in the Sales Process

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The selling process has six key steps. Virtually every sales interaction will follow these steps1. Prospecting, Initial Contact, Sales Presentation, Handling Objections, Closing the Sale, Follow-Up and Service after the Sale. During the sales process, you will most likely meet objections. Objections are prospects' comments about the reasons why they don't plan to buy your product or service. It may be something like "I already buy those products from ABC Company and am happy with their product." Don't be put off by an objection; it is a normal part of the sales process. In fact, objections sometimes are a signal that the sale is progressing and you're getting closer to a positive response. When a prospect voices an objection, they may simply be asking for more information about your product - and their objection tells you in what area they need more information. For instance, if they say they are happy with a product from another competitor, which is your opening to explain how your product differs from your competitor's product. Anticipate objections.

Prospects will visit you during normal business hours if you have a store or business location. If you do not have a store, they might contact you by phone, mail, email, or through your website to request information, ask questions and/or to make a purchase. Prospects might also call at odd hours to find out when you're open or where your store is located. Be sure your answering machine message, answering service or website answers these questions. Some sales people believe that follow-up after the sale is just as important as making the sale. That's when your relationship with a customer can mature and develop into loyalty to your product. Building long-term relationships with customers allows you to leverage or make additional use of your initial investment of time and money spent selling to that customer. In other words, you don't have to spend time...
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