Steps in the Medical Billing Process

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process
Step 1. Pre-Register Patients
When someone has an ailment or complaint they will call or visit the physician’s office. The person responsible for scheduling appointments will take general information. Name is required along with address, phone number, cause of visit is determined and basic insurance information is taken. The scheduler will provide date and time of appointment. Step 2. Establish Financial Responsibility;

First when the patient checks in they will be asked for insurance card and information is entered into the computer. The co-pay is determined and collected before seeing the physician. The patient is informed that they will be responsible for charges not covered by insurance. If there is no insurance the patient is responsible for the entire bill unless arrangements are made.

Step 3. Check in Patients;
When a patient arrives they have to sign in at the front desk. If new they will be required to fill out a form that includes all personal information and show proof of insurance and identification. These will be copied and returned to the patient. All information will be entered into the computer and a file is generated. Once this is completed the co-pay will then be collected.

Step 4. Check Out Patients;
When a patient receives treatment the physician enters the information into the file. Also a treatment form that has treatment codes listed. Procedures performed are checked and signed by the physician. When the patient checks out this form is presented to the clerk who in turn gives it to billing. If the patient has to return a follow-up appointment is made.

Step 5. Review Coding Compliance;
After billing receives the file diagnosis and treatments are checked to make sure they have been assigned the proper codes. This is done in order to check for any mistakes made by the physician, and insure that the bill submitted to insurance is correct and reimbursement is timely.

Step 6. Check...
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