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Set up Users (Owner, controller and Administrator) with appropriate Virsa roles – Atlas Security The following users need to be set up with default virsa roles.  User Name| Default Virsa Roles|


Role-based or ID-based firefighting??????????????

1. Firefighter id list. Firefighter ID users as type Service a. How many FF id’s for each process area.
b. How do we segregate FF id’s. It can be done based on Display and Change t-codes. c. Naming of FF id’s.
2. Owner List
3. Controller List
4. Do we already have custom FF roles from R3P system or we need to customize these SPM per-delivered FF roles? User| Role Names| Access|
Administrators| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ADMINISTRATOR| Configure, create and assign IDs| | | |
Owners| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ID_OWNER| Resolves IDs issues|
| | |
Firefighters| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_FIREFIGHTER| Complete activities in emergency|

Firefighter ID Creation
A Firefighter ID is a userID with specific roles that allow the Firefighter to perform the required tasks in a firefighting situation. Use transaction SU01to create Firefighter IDs. Create Firefighter ID users as type Service, rather than Dialog, so passwords do not expire. Note: Firefighter IDs cannot be used for SAP logins. Do not use existing userIDs as Firefighter IDs. Upload Role Definitions for Superuser Privilege Management Users Superuser Privilege Management provides pre-delivered roles for all firefighter users. You can customize these roles according to specific naming conventions and needs. Below are the names and intended users of the pre-delivered firefighter roles. User| Role Names|  | Access|

Administrators| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ADMINISTRATOR|  | Configure, create and assign IDs| | | | |
Owners| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ID_OWNER|  | Resolves IDs issues| | | | |
Firefighters| /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_FIREFIGHTER|  | Complete activities in emergency|

These roles are delivered in a .DAT file. To install the .DAT roles, use transcation PFCG. Assigning Roles to Users
Each user must be assigned a role.
Use transaction SU01 or PFCGto assign the firefighter roles to firefighter users. Pre-defined roles do not include the basic SAP system access required for functions such as printing, transaction SU53, and other no,,n-firefighter provisioning. Customizing Role Definitions

When you customize user roles, try to follow the existing naming standards, so the purpose of each customized role is clear. Conformance to Naming Standards
1. Run transcation PFCG.
2. Enter the firefighter role name (such as, /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ADMINISTRATOR). 3. Click Copy and specify the Destination Activity Group (or Role). 4. Generate the role to ensure the related authorizations are created. 5. Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 to customize the other firefighter roles. Customizing Role Authorizations to Your Needs

To customize the authorizations in the roles, consult your User/Security Administrator. Firefighter authorization object documentation specifies the significance of each object and field to help customize the authorizations of firefighter roles. Maintaining Configuration Parameters

For detailed definition information on the configuration parameters refer to the Superuser Privilege Management User Guide documentation and Superuser Privilege Management Configuration Guide. The following table list the configuration parameters and the configuration settings. Parameter Name|  |  | Behavior|

| | | |
| | | |
Retrieve Change Log|  |  | Yes - to capture transaction and change log information.|  |  | No - to capture only the transaction log information.| | | | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
Critical Transaction Table from RAR Component|  |  | Yes- to use the critical...
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