Stepmom: Chicago Sun-times and Jackie

Topics: Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, Family Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: November 27, 2005
Isabel is an early middle aged woman dedicated to her work. With her career being a priority, she never wanted children. She finds herself cast into a position of helping her boyfriend Luke raise his two children. Although her new role of "the other mother" is not full-time, she now is living off and on with two children in a situation she never dreamed she would be in. The children, Anna and Ben, are at the heart of this story as Isabel's trials as a stepmom are given a critical eye by the children's mother, Jackie. From envy to friendship, Isabel and Jackie share the hardships of life and divorce. These two women have more in common than they think. + Stepmom is an eye watering, true to life comedy/drama. It is the evolving of a relationship between two women and the family they love. * The characters are part of a normal American family; the plot is heartfelt, humorous, and realistic; anyone can feel their joy as well as their pain. The characters are part of a normal American family. This is an emotionally packed suitcase that belongs to this family. Anna and Ben spend their time traveling from one parent's home to another. Different thoughts and opinions are being processed into their young minds as their worlds are divided between father and mother as well as stepmom. "The kids have been tutored to resent this new woman in their dad's life" said Robert Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times. Jealousy is a common attribute to have when one feels as though something important is being taken away. Jackie perceives Isabel as irresponsible and only cares for herself and her career. She certainly does not feel Isabel is giving her best to raise her children. When Isabel lost the adventurous Ben while working at a photo shoot, it was Luke who tried calming Jackie down. He commented that Jackie was more upset about Isabel being in their children's life than about the possibility of any real danger to Ben. "You know that the kids aren't in any real danger,...
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