Stephen King's Writing Style

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Writing is an intellectual and creative process that requires time, effort, and countless refining. While some may be naturally gifted, writing is a skill learned over time. Imagination can run wild, although the greatest writers know when to hold back and when to express themselves. Particularly, reading and writing are intertwined processes, with both relying on one another. In order to be a decent writer, one must first master the art of reading. In On Writing by
Stephen King, reading is the best way to improve one's writing.
In order for an author's voice to shine through in their writing, they must develop their own personal writing style. By reading a variety of books, a writer is able to pick which styles they prefer, and shape them to create
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In the memoir, King states that after reading, "Asteroid
Miners" by Murray Leinster, he never used the word zestful, and thought that he could write a much better story. By reading this uninspiring novel, King learned that diction is essential to good writing. However, good books are also essential to learning, as King states, "You cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you"
(146). A good book instills motivation and a sense of inspirational envy. These forces are what transform a writer's abilities. However, an avid reader is bound to come across a book they find dull, as well as one they will never forget. Whether through annoyance and disbelief, or influence and emotional connection, both bad and good books challenge a writer to improve.
In On Writing by Stephen King, it is impossible for a writer to read too much. Reading allows one to form their own recognizable writing style. It helps them learn from other authors' mistakes, and gain inspiration from the elite. Everyone, not just writers, benefits from

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