Step Outside Your World Analysis

Topics: Transgender, LGBT, Woman Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: December 7, 2014

Step Outside Your World Analysis
Nathan Holquist
July 3, 2014
William Powers

Step Outside Your World Analysis
An activity I chose to put myself out of my normal environment was to put myself into my current roommates world. My roommate identifies as a homosexual and sometimes dresses in a flamboyant fashion. With his aid I was able to kind of go through a small transformation to give myself a more a feminine look complete with some makeup and a Michael Kors purse that I borrowed. I wanted to understand how he and others are viewed by Oklahomans. The location I chose was the Northwest Expressway Target. This location was away from areas I normally shop and figured I would not run into people I worked with. I wanted to make a quick outing because of my lack of comfort level. My roommate did join me to give me support. For the most part I observed a lot of curious looks. I observed the older generation not making eye contact as well as some others that were middle aged. I did see what appeared to be high school aged males pointing and laughing however, I could not make out what was being said. I did get a comment for a nice purse by one young female. I did not experience a face-to-face derogatory comment. I found it surprising that I didn’t see more people giving a visual show of disapproval. I didn’t expect to get any positive comments; the nice purse was a shock. I was surprised that I was still asked if I needed help by the staff. This experiment made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t think that I could have done this on my own, having my roommate there made it easier. I used to make fun of guys that dressed feminine, but working with a transgender female and having a homosexual roommate I have become more tolerant and now feel bad for how I had acted as well as knowing how others view and talk about people like them. I was uncomfortable dressing in this fashion thinking about what others that did not give a visual display would have to...
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