Step Families

Topics: Family, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 5 (1979 words) Published: February 5, 2013
There is a remarkable hole in the information that is set out on stepfamilies and the way they live. There are numerous studies made on stepparents handling situations and how the stepparents deals with discipline or even how to discipline. Everywhere you look there is help for the struggling stepparent. Society has painted a picture of what the “ideal family” would be: A husband, wife, son, daughter, and a pet. In reality half of the people in the United States, does not belong to the “ideal family”. Nearly 50 percent of families in the United States are stepfamilies, and the number is escalating (Social Problems 13th Edition). Stepfamilies are different from traditional families because they have to combine a home to fit the children, and spouses. Stepfamilies bring their different values and beliefs finding a way to adapt. Stepfamilies face many dynamics, and challenges. This paper will discuss the dynamics, the adaption, the finances, and the religion of a stepfamily. In addition, applying the value conflict and social disorganization theory and how it is incorporated in the family. Step family’s also known as blended families, are growing rapidly. Blended can included different combination of step parenting or single parents. ). A stepfamily is a remarried family with a child under 18 years of age who is the biological child of one parent, and was born before the remarriage occurred (Glick). The definition of a step parent family is one of the parents are the biological parent and the other is not the biological parent of the child. When both the parents move in together with kids of their own, it is a Brandy Bunch. A brandy bunch is two different families living together. Adolescents have a more difficult time than younger children to except the new marriage because of the changing in their growth stage. Adolescents will show more disinclination and will turn toward their friends for support. Younger children will show attention in a behavior change more in school or in public. With younger children it is just a temporary problem that will slowly disappear. When two separate families come under one roof, there are going to be conflicts. In the previous marriage, it is possible for the parents to have different rules than the new marriage. Research has shown, if all the arguments toward disagreement with the child are discussed beyond close doors, the children wouldn’t be rebellion. A second marriage is a struggle because it is adapting a new environment. One of the biggest sources of stress in a relationship, and one of the leading causes of divorce is money. Because the divorce rate is tremendously high, statistics show that over 50% of Americans will live in a stepfamily environment at some point in their lives. Discussing finances and determining who is responsible for paying what necessities in a marriage can be most difficult, and even more complex in stepfamilies. Assets within a remarriage are difficult to dissect because of the different views and perspectives each individual has based on past experiences and relationships. For example, quarrels may come about if both persons cannot reach an agreement on handling money and financial issues. It may become a major issue in the relationship if the couple cannot see eye to eye on the best ways to spend and save money, especially if finances were a contributing factor to the divorce in their past marriage. According to Jane Bennett Clark, author and editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, a pre-nuptial agreement should be discussed and drawn up before getting married. Clark believes you have the best shot at meshing families and finances if you talk through the plan before the wedding and revisit it regularly. Most couples do not want to discuss the topic of a pre-nuptial agreement for fear that it will create trust issues or it takes away from the value of marriage. However, the purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to ensure that...
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