Step by Wicked Step

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: May 5, 2013
CLAUDIA’S STORY : Green Pyjamas
Claudia’s parents have been quarrelling a lot. Finaly, her father goes off to to live with Granny. Granny is Claudia’s grandmother. Claudia goes over to spend time with her father but is afraid to upset her mother. She learns his father has a girlfriend called Stella. Claudia meets her at Christmas and is furious with her father for staging that meeting. Claudia’s father moves in with Stella. Claudia ignores her all the time. She feels disloyal to her mumas she knows her mum is miserable when she is with her father and Stella. The turning point is the night of the dinner. Claudia sees Stella putting a lot of effort to prepare for it. She notices that Stella is nervous about it. Claudia sees that Stella is ignored by her father’s friend. She sees how ugly it is to be so rudely treated. Claudia goes over to thanks Stella for the lovely pyjamas she bought for her. Everyone starts to talk to Stella. Claudia has a better relationship with Stella from then on. The Similarity With Richard’s Experience

* Claudia does not know what is happening. She has to eavesdrop to get know what is the situation. She want to feel safer. * Claudia is torn by her parents’ decision to separate. She fells disloyal when she goes over to her father’s place. * Shrella, her bestfriend, points out that her dad and not Stella is to be blamed for the situation. * Claudia feels sorry for Stella the night of the dinner. She feels that her father’s friend are not fair to ignore Stella the whole night. * Claudia makes the effort to cope with the situation.

* Claudia notes she sees Colin at the skating rink every day. The children learn that Colin does not know how to skate. Characters
* Smart – pretends not to be too keen with her dad as that would upset her mum * Jealous – she does not like to be second best to her dad * Sensitive – so sensitive about her mum and dad
* Rebellious – with both parents for not being...
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