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Topics: Management, Lean manufacturing, Goal Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The seven habit of highly effective people was written by Dr Stephen R cavey over 5 million copies sold and translated in 32 languages Dr stephen R Cavey international leadership consultant a global provider of leadership development and productivity Dr cavoy in this book explain that what you are, your character and values speaks more than what you say and do.

To really understand this book you have to do three things lean it, teach it and do it

definition habit : A habit is the overlaps or a pool of knowledge ,skill and attitude , knowledge is what to do or the information or awareness required to do something

skill is how to do it and attitude is want to or why to do it, so where these three meets, you find a habit, so to develop these seven effective habit you need the knowledge which you will have after reading this blog the next is to decide if it for you and want to do it then after regular practice you can develop the skill then it will become your habit.

effective people are goal achievers to be effective is to achieve the goals that you set

Habit ONE

being proactive is simply taking responsibility for your life, effective people take responsibility,their behavior is a product of their own decisions base on their values and believes rather than being a product of their feelings,emotions,conditions of the moment or situation or by the genetic up brings or the environment they are found in.

Being proactive is simply taken what rightfully belongs to you,your life, taking decisions and acting on all about fight for your freedom, freedom to make your own decisions
freedom to choose your response, the past is history the future a ghost now is a gift,ineffective people are not in charge of their life, proactive person exercise his/her freedom to choose for example you made a plan to have picnic and it start to rain a proactive person decision is to find other options to have that picnic may be in the house and...
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