Stem Cells: An Answer to all the Incurable Diseases

Topics: Stem cell, Cellular differentiation, Developmental biology Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Stem cells are probably the most important scientific discovery.These are pluripotent cells current in all living organısms.These cells have infınitive divisibility and self renewal properties, and also has the ability to convert organs and tissues.Human life in the form of a sperm,ovum,embryo,fetus,newborn,child,youth and adult.Therefore,human can face to face with cancer,alzheimer,burns,diabets,heartdisease,parkinson etc.To find the solution to that all problems stem cell treatment is inescapable.

In general,there are three types of stem cells.These are totipotent,multipotent and pluripotent stem cells.Totipotent cell means whole body can turn into all organs and tissues.These cells have ability to form ambryonic or extraembryonic cell types.Totipotent cells could be transformed into pulipotent cell in advanced stages of development.Pluripotent cells dont have ability to tranformed to whole cells into body but can almost to all cells.Multipotent cells are specialized cell types which are in advanced stage of development.For example;a multipotent blood cells has ability to convert to other specialized blood cells.To summarize we can say that, totipotent cells are like primary shool students,in the future they could be redirected to all proffesions.Pluripotent cells are like unıversity students and their departments at university will be their proffesion alsomultipotent cells are like experts after graduating from university.

There are three common sources of stem cell as embryonic stem cells,fetal stem cells,adult stem cells.Embryonıc stem cell occur from zygote whıch occur afte fertılızatıon.Wıthın 5 days after fertılızatıon 150 cell blastocyst can occur.Blastocyst consıst of such as small sand partıcles.There are two type cell;trofoblast and center cell cluster.Cell whıch are ın the center generate embryonıc stem cell.Embryonıc stem cells can transform ınto all adult cell types.Another potentıal source of stem cell are fetal stem cells.Approxımately...

Defining Stem Cells. October 2001. Joshua Tusin.
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