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Where are stem cells sourced from?
Stem cells are sourced from three main sources, Embryos, bone marrow and umbilical cord blood. Each different sources’ Stem Cells are either totipotent, pluripotent or multipotent. Refer to Figure 1 Figure 1 Stem Cells can be categorised into their capability of being cultured into a different cell. Embryonic Stem Cells: Are pluripotent cells meaning they can be cultured into most cell types. The Embryonic Cells are sourced from in the internal cell mass of a blastocyst, meaning that the embryo (encloses all the stem cells) has increased in its size and has transformed into a cluster of smaller balls. The Stem cells are then taken out from the internal cell mass of the blastocyst. Then it is cultured in the lab. This usually take s 5-7 days to go through this process. Because of the embryonic cells pluripotent nature it can be transformed into quite a few different cell varieties such as Nerve Cells, Muscle cells, Red Blood Cells and Whole Organs. Stomatic Stem Cells: They are multipotent and are commonly known as adult stem cells. They are sourced from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood. (This cord connects the baby to the mother’s womb so the premature baby can be fed with oxygen and the mother’s intake of nutrients. This cord contains some of the richest blood so this blood is good for future use for fighting diseases.) The Stomatic Stem Cells are used for culturing Red Blood Cells, Platelets (helps clotting) and White blood Cells. How can they cure various’ diseases?

By culturing and transforming different types of cells, scientist can use these cultured cells for fighting a disease, replacing other unreliable dead cells. The Stem Cells ability to produce different cells types is what determines if it can be used for certain treatment. If a patient is suffering from a severe disease, and his/her body is unable to provide a substantial amount of white blood cells, by taking some bone marrow stem cells...

References: Science Quest 8
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