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stem cell research

By anoushka_chatterjee Jan 27, 2014 337 Words
The General topic of this political cartoon is that Mr. George W. Bush refuses to allow stem research to take place because he feels it kills “babies” since it is done on embryoinic cells. On the other hand he is “killing” Iraqie civilians in the war, and it is “ok” to do that. Messages included in this cartoon is “ It’s unethical to spend Taxpayer dollars to destroy human embryos.”, “Human beings- ok”, and “Stem cell research veto”. The character in this cartoon is Mr. Goerge W. Bush, he was a former Preesident of the United States of America and banned reserch on stem cells. Other symbols used in this cartoon are: there are gravestones of American citizens and double the amount tombstones for Iraqie civilians, as well as in the background there is a city with Iraq written on the building with explosions comign out of it. These drawings show the war that is taking place in Iraq, the U.S tombstones are for our soldiers who are fighting there, and the Iraqie civilians tombstones is for the innocent civilians who are getting killed for no reason. The point of this cartoon is to show that Mr. Bush is banning stem cell reasearch because it is killing life, but on the other hand he is killing innocent people by letting the war go on. This is not only a message to Mr. Bush, but to many citizens of the US, a lot of people are against stem cell research because it is killing life, and many people are pro life. Of course you should be pro life, but there are so many people who are in need of stem cell research it is their only hope, and by banning stem cell research how are you being pro life, you are taking away that persons only hope for cure, their only hope to get their life back, their only hope to live. Of course this is a controversial topic, but this is my take on this topic.

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