Stem Cell

Topics: Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell, Human Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The stem cell policy prevents federal funded researchers from working on all, but a few sources of embryonic stem cells. The policy can help decrease government spending and serves as a purpose to those who view stem cell research as ethically and morally problematic. The stem cell policy, a good idea in the aspects of preventing usage and destruction of human embryonic stem cells and supported by those who view stem cell research as a negative externality to the country. The government has deducted its funding of stem cell research and lowered its spending. The government experiencing economic downturn really needs to lower its spending in order to prevent a longer recession, due to the stem cell policy the government can reduce its spending and get back on its feet. Over the past years, ever since the stem cell policy was implanted it has encouraged stem cell supporters to fund stem cell research themselves and provide the necessary funding for stem cell research. If there was no stem cell policy then the stem cell supporters would not pay to support stem cell research, and this would lead to an increase in government spending, which in turn would create a bigger problem for the economy. The stem cell policy gives the government more options to spend their money on, since most of the stem cell funding has come out of the pockets of stem cell supporters. The money saved by not spending on stem cell research can be used to “[allocate] more of [the] generous federal support of medical research toward other fields” (Becker). Stem cell researcher’s uses the embryo (approximately four to five days old in humans) of a dead fetus in order to perform the experiments. Many “anti-abortion groups contend that embryos are human beings with the same rights and thus they are entitled the same,” rights as normal human beings (Fox News). The stem cell policy helps save human lives, due to the lack of funding for researchers it enables them to perform many experiments using...
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