Stella Mc Cartney

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Swot Analysis
Stella McCartney is a woman that is very capable of everything that she puts her mind to she is always trys new things and is always triving to be better. Stella has a lot of Unique Selling Points within her collections and the work she does, stella does not use any animal skin such as fur or leather in her garments she produces she is also envoirnmentally friendly and does a lot of charity work. The prices for Stellas clothes are very understandable due to the fact the quality of material she uses and the amazing attention to detail she puts into her tailored garments, she garments would range from €400-€2000 if not higher. Stella distributes her garments to over 60 countries, her location in these countries would make her a very popular designer.

Stella McCartney is in a vulnerable position as she is one of a few designers who is envoirnmentally friendly and someone that does not use animal skin fur or leather. People may see this as a good thing but others wouldn’t. Stella does not design men’s clothes, putting these things together is giving stella a limited customer list.

In my opinion stella could develop a lot further when it comes to her brand or even the income she is making. In 2010 Stella launched her childerens range of clothes called Stella McCartney kids, as a result of this her income became a lot higher and her designs of kids are perfect. I believe if she launched a mens range her customer range would become a lot broader and for the style of clothes she designs mens clothes would be right up her street. I also think that if she maby added in some fur or leather and see if the customer range changes, then maby she could launch a coture range of clothing.

Stella could be under with the fact that she is different to other designers and with the fact that she dosent use animal skin (leather or fur) and that her clothes are all really based on tailoring. In my opinion I...
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