Steinway & Sons

Topics: Piano, Marketing, Pianist Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Technology and Quality at Steinway & Sons|
Executive Summary|

Steinway & Sons represents quality. The company has taken pride for becoming a “luxury” brand in the piano business. The craftsmanship dedicated to building its pianos along with the fine tuning of keys, have taken Steinway’s reputation to very high standards and consumer expectations. This reputation is not something that the company can toy around with because the reputation alone has played a big role in the company’s success. The transition from detailed, manual manufacturing of the parts to automated machines could have a negative impact on our company’s bottom line. Automation does not necessarily decrease operating expenses and could be detrimental to the reputation that Steinway has earned in almost two centuries of piano building. As the media got attention to the changes, they have questioned the future quality of our products, therefore we need to continue to fine tune the machines themselves in order to mimic the quality produced by manual labor. In addition, we must enhance our distribution strategies in order to meet demand across the globe while simultaneously promoting quality as the strongest characteristics of our pianos. Our company must push continued representation in marketing material of high profile artists. The push must come stronger than ever before in order to maintain control of the long-range consumer perception of our history and how it ties to quality. Technology is not a deterrent to reduction of detail in the manufacture of our pianos. It’s simply a technique that must be applied in order to keep up with demand and stay afloat with competition. Yamaha for example, uses technology to a maximum while distributing directly from Japan. The company has a 50% reduction in piano prices than Steinway & Sons. They have achieved low prices by cutting costs in every single aspect of the manufacturing process. The savings have allowed...
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