Steeple Analysis for Playboy Indonesia

Topics: Indonesia, Playboy, Jakarta Pages: 4 (901 words) Published: November 29, 2008
(Playboy Indonesia)

Social and cultural

• Language
In Betawi language, Playboy means “a person who depraves women and children”[1]. It makes the head of FPI, Habib Alwi Usman, demands that Playboy shouldn’t be issued. • Media views
The Media lifted up Playboy’s popularity. It helps Indonesian citizens to know when Playboy Indonesia was going to be released. • Brand Image
In United States of America, where Playboy was first issued, Playboy image is so strong. It was stated to be an adult magazine. So even though the Indonesian edition was issued without any photographs of nude women, the citizens’ mind set is still the same: Playboy is a well-known adult magazine. • Religious Factor

Most of Indonesian citizens are Moslem. It gave Playboy Indonesia large protests, especially from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). • Ethnic Factor and Ethical Issues
Indonesia, due to the Eastern culture, is demanded to be a country with a good behavior, well-mannered, and not boldly show women’s part of body. Indonesian wasn’t a country where hot pants and tank tops are on the line. All the protests about Playboy represented fears about the intrusion of Western Culture.

Technological and Product Innovation

• Consumer Buying Mechanism
The distribution of Playboy Indonesia was wide enough, and people could easily get it in every book store or book seller. It was even sold on streets by hawkers. • Internet
People can also buy it from e-bay. It really helped people to get the magazine. Besides, there’s also Playboy website where people can download the magazine.

Economic and Market Conditions

• Tax
If seen from the economic side, Playboy Indonesia gave a big benefit for Indonesia. Ebay stated that the offering to buy the first issue of Playboy Indonesia reached US$ 110 (or about one million Rupiah), while the price for this magazine is only forty thousand Rupiah for Java Island and the...
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