Steel Company

Topics: Management, Quality control, Laborer Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: July 21, 2013
I. Problem Statement

Lack of coordination within the Company resulting in inaccurate labour and material estimates, unrealistic target dates and unpredictable shifts in manpower requirements coupled with workers exhibiting far high level of collectivism* (a cultural issue) to their kabarangays instead to their co-workers.

* Collectivism is characterized by tight social frameworks in which people tend to base their identities on the group or organization to which they belong. At work, this means that employee-employer links are more like family relationships, relationships are more important than individual or tasks, and hiring and promotion are based on group membership.

II. Statement of the Objective

1. Employ effective production control within the organization in such a way that labour and material estimates and target dates are coordinated with production staff;

2. Gain the sympathy of the workers relative to the current situation of the Company which would result to change in their attitude* toward their jobs and the top management.

* Attitudes are complexes of beliefs and feelings that people have about specific ideas, situations, or other people.
III. Areas of Consideration

a. Strengths

In view of the prevailing culture within the Production Department where collectivism is strongly exhibited by workers, appointment of Mr. Robert Cruz as Shop Manager who is from the Quality Control Department is an indication of the higher Management’s deliberate intention to address alarming issues on production. Compared to Mr. Jim Fuentes who was long assigned as Shop Manager, Mr. Cruz is more capable of rendering objective assessment on the true condition of the Production Department. His hand in hand review of the operations with Mr. Rudyard de los Santos, his boss, denotes top level management’s support and trust to him.

b. Weaknesses

Workers were often tardy and spent lot of their working hours in chatting...
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