Stealing: Suit Thief

Topics: Theft, Property, Emotion Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: August 13, 2012
How stealing can affect your life and Lessons I have learned from this incident

I have learned many things from this incident. And I have learned how stealing can affect your life. Stealing affect your life very negatively. And it can destroy your life.
One lesson I have learned is that stealing another’s property is very wrong. It now goes against my moral code. I put myself in a person’s shoes that had something stolen from them. It doesn’t feel very great at all. I won’t steal anything again because of this feeling. Another thing I have learned is that it may have an effect on a person or companies finances negatively. Covering for loss of let’s say jewelry can increase home insurance premiums. This means the homeowner’s bank account suffers losses due to the raised insurance premium. So, this may cause a financial struggle for the homeowner. Now for the company it will have administration costs. It also depends on the quantity of items of a certain kind stolen and not recovered. If let’s say someone stole 500 DVD players from a company, and the company didn’t recover those DVD players that would raise the price of the DVD players in the store. So it does have financial affects. Another thing I have learned is it has an emotional toll upon an owner of an item that had a lot of sentimental value to an item and it got stolen. They wouldn’t be able to replace it if it were a class ring. They would be devastated at the loss of the item. Clearly, stealing has many tolls on the victim.

There are so many ways stealing can affect your life. One way would be mistrust. People who may have trusted you before you stole may after the incident may have decreased, little, or no trust for you at all. That also may cause a loss of respect from people. This in turn will affect relationships. It also may cause you to spend time in jail. Depending on number or times you have committed theft and or the amount (in money) of items stolen. So your sentence will vary....
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