Stealing Is Bad

Topics: Theft, Larceny, Minimum wage Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: May 16, 2013
As a major problem being in the world today with more advancing electronics coming in smaller and smaller shapes, stealing is becoming a larger epidemic than ever. Unfortunately, thieves are hard to spot. As in our case right now we all must suffer. Giving a good reason not to steal as to not make all fellow peers and innocents suffer. Along with the possible grief or financial issues placed upon the victim(s). While it may seem no big deal to any person, or even a small crime, the ever lasting effects can be quite substantiating. For instance, a stolen item may lead to trust issues, or in a child’s case, the parents no longer trust the child. And while this is only a small amount that goes into effect, things like possible future insurance, and having to use a paycheck for something unintended may lead to longer term effects. Stealing people’s property is just something not to be done. You’re not only hurting the innocents, and the victim, but also yourself. If you can be caught you will lose reputation and possibly gain infamy. It’s bad enough you have harmed everyone else, now you are harming yourself. Stealing causes a wide spread amount of harm and panic even. In short, stealing will harm economic, mental, and even physical (depending on the item stolen i.e. a walker or wheel chair) harm to others and yourself.

Being a well privileged child and fortunate enough for my parents to sometimes even spoil me, I had a very nice mp3 player in eighth grade. I had used it for over a year and was very happy to have it, until I decided to go out for a walk. I was walking with a friend and told her to wait for me as I had to use the restroom. Upon coming back from my short break, I had found out that night my mp3 player had mysteriously been misplaced. Being my usual friendly self, I thought I had just dropped it. I walked back the next day and scanned the short dry grasses for the shining silver gift I had come to think as my only escape route from stress and the...
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