Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India

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Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India

Miss Pooja, Lecturer Mr. Surinder Bhatia, Lecturer SSIMT, Dinanagar SSIMT, Dinanagar



Executive Summary
One primary objective of this paper is to find out the status of women entrepreneurs in India. In Hindu scriptures, woman has been described as the embodiment of shakti. But in real life she is treated as Abla.. This paper includes rationale behind the women entrepreneurship. Another main objective of this paper was to analyse policies of Indian government for women and also to analyse that are those policies enough for the growth of women entrepreneurship. Main reasons for women to become an entrepreneur, the institutions that are helping the women to put their thoughts into action are also included in this study. This study includes the success stories of most successful women entrepreneurs of India. Another objective of this paper was to deeply analyse the profile of women entrepreneurs and problems faced by them while pursuing their business. On the basis of this analysis some recommendations are given to promote spirit of women entrepreneurship and helping the women to become a successful entrepreneur.

Key Words
• Rationale behind Women Entrepreneurship
• Nature of business Indian Women are into
• Why do women enter into Entrepreneurship
• Government’s Policy for Women
• Financial Support and assistance to women
• Achievements of women entrepreneurs in the field of Science and Technology • Profile of Women Entrepreneurs
• Problems faced by women Entrepreneurs
• So where do we stand……..?
• ………..There is Much more to do !

Objective of the study:- The objective of this study was to analyse status of women entrepreneurs in India. Research instruments:- Due to shortage of time as well as women entrepreneurs in this region, secondary data was used to analyse the status of women entrepreneurs in India.

Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India: -
Women Possess a Futuristic outlook and the capacity to nurture new enterprises. What is needed is Proper training, helpful attitudes and facilities and assistance. Women constitute almost half of the total population in the world. But their representation in gainful employment is comparatively low. According to an ILO report, in 1980, “ women are 50% of the world’s population, they contribute two third of the world’s working hours, but still they receive 10% of the world’s income and own less than 10% of world property”. Women have confined their activities to selected professions such as education, nursing, medicine and office work. Very few women enter professions like industry, engineering, trade etc. For centuries, women have been victim of social prejudices and discrimination. Even today, parents prefer male child. Women are generally presumed to be weak, passive, dependent and people oriented. No doubt all of these are assumptions, but assumptions become reality when society prepares males and females for performance in presumed roles. As a result, men and women enter into organizations with different skill sets. Women are taught to depend upon others, to limit their ambitions and to avoid exposure and risk. Such orientations and prescriptions inhibit development of self-confidence, innovativeness, achievement motivation and risk taking ability, which are essential for entrepreneurial career. But today, if we think of economic development of our country in real manner, we cannot even afford to underestimate the role of women in industry. As stated earlier that women constitute 50% of the population, so if we want our country to be developed, women have to come forward and match their shoulders with men.

Rationale Behind Women Entrepreneurship………………?

Is entry of...
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