Statistics in our daily life

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“Statistics in our daily life.”


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I, along with my fellow classmates, had been given a task by our Additional Mathematics teacher, which was the Additional Project Work 2013. Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of data, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments. This project helps to:-

1. Produce students that are capable of applying the concept and skills that are learnt in solving a problem effectively. 2. Increase one’s ability of thinking and communicate with accurate language. 3. To nourish

Intrinsic values such as neat, systematic and accurate.
The spirit of working together and tolerance.
The passion of trying hard and not giving up.
4. Make learning more fun, challenging, useful and meaningful.

I would like to give my gratitude to my classmates that helped me throughout completing the tasks. It goes without saying, that I have not completely made the project all by myself. It was due to the tolerance, cooperation, dedication and commitments from my fellow classmates, especially to Maya, Wajihah, Chin Hoong Liang and others. Without my Additional Mathematics teacher, Teacher Anatasia who had always been holding our hands and show us the right path, my classmates and I would never have finished this project. His guidance has tremendously supported us in our project. Furthermore, I would like to thank my parents for giving me various kinds of supports. Not only did they sent and fetched me to the library where I would meet my classmates for this project, they also gave their moral support and also their time for me. Their willingness in helping me printing the project, though busy, is very much appreciated.

Part 1
1. List the importance of data analysis in daily life.
A way to collect data.
Data analysis acts like a filter when it comes to acquiring meaningful insights out of huge data-set. Data analysis helps in keeping human bias away from research conclusion with the help of proper statistical treatment. Provides a meaningful base to critical decisions.

2. a) i. Median is the center value for a set of data when it is queued either increasing or decreasing when N is an odd number. Median=
When N is an even number,

Median = and

- Mode is the values that occur frequently.
- Mean, x is 

a) ii) - Interquartile range is the third quartile minus the first quartile - Variance, σ2 is - (x)2 in the state, x = mean
N = number of observations - (x)2 in the state, x = mean f = frequency

b) Median is the middle value. It helps us to see both sides of the center. It divides the information into two equal parts, one part of which is lower than the median and more than median. Median calculated after compiling the information in ascending order or descending. Median used to find students who score less than or more than the middle. Mode is the maximum frequency. It is used to calculate the frequency many things. Mean can be used to see the average marks of a class. The average is helpful to see how many students on average, how many and how much the average student is below average. Teachers try to help the average and below average to score more grades in the future.

Part 2
1. List of marks for Additional Mathematics...
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