Topics: Statistics, Arithmetic mean, Weighted mean Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: December 18, 2010
Master of Business Administration – MBA Semester I
Subject code – MB0040
Subject Name – Statistics For Management
Assignment Set – 1
Q.1. Why it is necessary to summarise date? Explain the approaches available to summarize the data distributions? Q.2. Explain the purpose of tabular presentation of statistical data. Draft a form of tabulation t show the distribution of population according to i) Community by age, ii) Literacy, iii) Sex, and iv) Marital status. Q.3. Give a brief note of the measures of central tendency together with their merits and Demerits. Which is the best measure of central tendency and why: Q.4. Machines are used to pack sugar into packets supposedly containing 1.20 kg each. On testing a large number of packets over a long period of time, it was found that the mean weight of the packets was 1.24 kg and the standard deviation was 0.04 kg. a particular machine is selected to check the total weight of each of the 25 packets filled consecutively by the machine. Calculate the limits within which the weight of the packets should lie assuming that the machine is not been classified as faulty. Q.5. A packaging device is set to fill detergent powder packets with a mean weight of 5 kg. the standard deviation is known to be 0.01 kg. these are known to drift upwards over a period of time due to machine fault, which is not tolerable. A random sample of 100 packets is taken and weighed. This sample has a mean weight of 5.03 kg and a standard deviation of 0.21 kg. can we calculate that the mean weight produced by the machine has increased? Use 5% level of significance. Q.6. Find the probability that at most 5 defective bolts will be found in a box of 200 bolts if it is known that 2 percent of such bolts are expected to be defective. (you may take the distribution to be Poisson; e=0.0183)
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