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Trajico, Maria Liticia D.


The first thing that puffs in my mind when I heard the word STATISTIC is that it was a very hard subject because it is another branch of mathematics that will make my head or brain bleed of thinking of how I will handle it. I have learned that statistic is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of information that is expressed in numbers, for example information about the number of times something happens. As I examined on what the statement says, the phrase “number of times something happens” really caught my attention because my subconscious says “here we go again the non-stop solving, analyzing of problems” and I was right. This course of basic statistic has provided me with the analytical skills to crunch numerical data and to make inference from it. At first I thought that I will be alright all along with this subject but it seems that just some part of it maybe it is because I don’t pay much of my attention to it but I have learned many things. I have learned my lesson.

During our every session in this subject before having our midterm examination I really had hard and bad times in coping up with this subject. When we have our very first quiz I thought that I would fail it but it did not happen but after that, my next quizzes I have taken I failed. I was always feeling down when in every quiz I failed because even though I don’t like this subject as much the subject don’t like me too I guess I really want to pass this one even though I failed much of the times. I tried my every best to handle this subject. I still remember during my elementary and high school years I really love the subject specially geometry but during this college time up to now I do not like it much the older days. I say so because during this time I never thought that I will get a grade that I never expected that will make me feel to not like it now. I was really shock when I have got my midterm grade and it was very least as I expected but well that was the product of my work because I did not give my best and take the subject easily. Because of the situation I have gotten myself into, at first I really feel that I want to cry and feel down of myself but I realize I have to tell myself that I should find my way and do all the effort or my very best for me to pass the subject. Sometimes I will talk to myself or ask myself why we should take this subject because as far as I remember it has no connection in my major I am taking up and what will be my benefit in taking it up but I have come to realization that maybe in the near future I can use or I will use the knowledge or the things that I have learned in this subject. I can also share this knowledge I have learned to my future students. I have learned many things specially this time because I have learned my lesson that I should not take for granted the subject even it is not one of our major subject.

During our every lessons after the midterm I am very eager to learn even a few things about the subject’s lessons and I sometimes find myself listening attentively to our instructor and I am very proud of myself because I did not find the subject boring but I begin to find it interesting. I have realized that the more you are eager to learn the more you become interested in the topic being discussed. Before I become interested in this subject I always complain that this subject was very complicated but as I analyze the details about this subject I am only the one who is making things complicated. “Part of the complex system brought by the learner to the task is her goals”. Another aspect that will affect how the individual approaches learning statistics is her experience of statistics or more commonly, her experience of mathematics. Each individual has a history of learning experiences that may determine how she reacts to learning statistics as a college student. It is true that this subject was hard even my...
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