Statins Revolution

Topics: Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein Pages: 3 (607 words) Published: August 29, 2009

Above: The Statin drug.

Friday 13th September


Times Express

The Statin Revolution

Bob, 36 a resident in the All Saints’ area replied, “I am satisfied with these new tablets. They are great! It’s back to the cream cakes and chips for me!”

A Doctor who has been monitoring the progress of patients using Statins opinion was, “I have been very pleased with the results using Statins. Nearly all my patients have currently got a healthy cholesterol and what’s more, we have lost far fewer people to strokes and heart disease”.

Recent discovery by other scientists have found out that this drug was first mentioned thirty years ago, by a man named Kilmer McCully. He was a young researcher at Harvard University in the USA. Unfortunately, no-one wanted to hear about McCully’s simple solution to high blood cholesterol. Now, thirty years on, Kilmer McCully’s research is finally being taken seriously. Had people just listened to him and then judged his decision, may be hundreds of deaths of people could have been prevented.

We asked a few members of the public that are currently taking the drug, and this was their opinion:

A 67 year old grand mother of four, Mary answered, “I’m very worried about possible side effects. The leaflet issued said they can cause liver damage which will be even worse than my high levels of blood cholesterol. I have decided to stop using them.”

Are you trying to lower your cholesterol levels?

Have you not found a solution yet?

But now, medical science has made a breakthrough of the century!

A new drug group has been produced which is known as a Statin. Statins stop the liver producing too much cholesterol.

Scientists have been trying to form this drug for many years now and have finally, got a produce.

A Statin is usually provided to people who find losing weight and/or fat through diets difficult or who have a very high cholesterol level.

There are many positive and negative...
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