States by Edward Said

Topics: Palestinian people, Palestine, United States Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Taylor Stephan
Section 2 Exam

1.Edward Said emphasizes the scattered, alienated nature of the Palestinian people. In my opinion, Said clearly displays that it is unfair to ask “What is it you Palestinians want?”. Palestine, once recognized as a country and a community, is now shattered into a plethora of pieces. These pieces, or people each with memories and experiences, were sprinkled all across the world. It would seem impossible to share national pride when one’s country does not technically exist. Palestinians do not have a unified home where they can share their sense of culture and their similar beliefs. Many Palestinians “speak of awdah (return)” (650). They want to restore their country, and glue together the broken pieces. Even if Palestine could be restored as a country, would it ever be the same? One cannot erase history. The Palestinians can never truly regain what they want, which is their identity and ethnocentricity.

Questions can easily be misinterpreted. Misunderstandings due to poor communication have appeared throughout history. For example, in the 1940’s, America threatened Japan with an embargo, unless they cut relations with Japan. The Japanese mistakenly took this as a threat to their national security. The confusion caused the attack on Pearl Harbor, which is an extremely important event in American history. Japan and the United States were opposing forces, but trade held together the peace. This misunderstanding caused more hostility between the two groups. 2. Said explains that the photograph ignites negative, yet positive feelings about the condition of the Palestinian people. Said shows that this picture reflects symbols of vulnerability and disarray throughout the Palestinians. This shabby house, near Senjel, is covered with weeds. It appears to be out of place under the coverage of the trees. Said is very passionate for his own people. He has a great deal of emotional discomfort seeing a photographic display of...
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