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My name is ………………………………and I am a very ambitious and career oriented person from the capital of Nepal. I left my home land 3 years ago to widen my horizons and explore the education system of one of the leading countries of the world. As they say, ''Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be''. The education system here is quite flexible and practical, which certainly suits my style of learning and I truly believe on a saying ''Tell me and I'll forget, Teach me and I might remember, Involve me and I will understand''. I am a very enthusiastic person who loves to get involved and work instead of observe and listen and the UK education system has been very challenging and adventures experience for me where I have faced and tackled major ups and downs which has just made me stronger and added up as a valuable life experience. United Kingdom is also known as the financial hub of Europe and to literally study in the heart of the financial hub and to gain experience from the top professors and lecturers is a dream come true. ……………………… University is one of the most dynamic universities providing personal attention and extensive academic resources along with superior education in this field. Here, I will receive educations that will provide me with both the technical skills as well as the intellectual discipline to succeed in my chosen field. It is a university where research is an integral part of the department and the entire faculty is highly qualified. It is a very comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning. I recently visited the University and found it very mesmerising as this was my second visit. The counsellors were also very helpful and the best thing is the subjects that Northampton University offers are very wide spread and covers the various aspect of the business environment....
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