Statement of purpose to study masters in Education

Topics: Teacher, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: October 12, 2013
My name is Francis John. I was born in a poor family where my parents were only peasants in a small village in Musoma rural district, Mara Region in Tanzania. In 1985, I started standard one whereby I completed my primary education in 1992 after seven years. I joined secondary school in 1993 to start form one (O-Level) at Issenye Secondary school near serengeti national park in Tanzania. After four years in O-level education I joined A-level education at Sengerema high school in 1999 where I passed my A-level exams that allowed me to joined university of Dar es salaam later in 2001 instead of 2000. The reason why I did not join the University in the year 2000 was that my family did not have enough money to transport me to Dar es salaam to do application. So I had to do part-time job for one year so that I can save money that will help me to do application. I graduated from that University in 2005 with Honours degree in Science and education.

After my graduation I worked with the ministry of education in Tanzania as a secondary school teacher. I have dedicated my time to teaching and this has made me to like my students and an urge to see my students pass with good marks to join University. I am happy that many of my students are now doctors, lecturers, teachers, accountants and engineers in various departments both in the public and private sectors in the country

For the past six years, since graduating with my bachelor degree in science and education I have given myself over completely to teaching and counseling profession.  My work in the public sector has given me real-world experiences, challenges and situations irreproducible in a classroom.  I have given of myself and provided counseling for individuals, families and groups, and worked with a diverse clientele including abused and neglected children, adolescents and their respective families.  

My fluency in English and Swahili has proved invaluable, making me more of an asset to the non-profits...
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