Statement of Purpose for Pharmacy School

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Statement of purpose for pharmacy school
  My mother leaned over and handed me a box, it was my birthday, and I was only 8 years old,

living in China with my parents. I tore open the box and inside I found a gift that was to change my life. My mother and father, knowing I was a curious child, bought me a chemistry toy set. From that moment on, I became fascinated by the workings of science. My subsequent interest in the composition of drugs, their chemical and physical properties began to galvanize my desire to pursue a career in pharmacy. In addition, my desire to alleviate the suffering of people through healthcare compels me to seek a profession where my work can be applied successfully on a broader scale. As such, through my education, research, professional, and volunteer experiences I have been able to identify and develop the skills necessary to achieve my goal of being a successful aspiring pharmacist. Before I could fully commit to studying the sciences and more specifically pharmacy, I wanted to get valuable hands-on experience. During my senior year in high school, I participated in a volunteer program at the UCSF. At UCSF I had the opportunity to interact with staff pharmacists, enabling me to gain a valuable in look at a hospital pharmacy. Later, I also participated in a selective mentorship program at Kaiser Permanente, where I had the unique opportunity to shadow and learn from the pharmacist-in-charge. Here I observed how the resident pharmacists assisted patients, interacted with the hospital administration, and worked with pharmaceutical vendors on a daily basis. Through these experiences I knew I wanted to explore the field of pharmacy further and so I decided to pursue biochemistry as an undergraduate. At UCSD my love and enthusiasm for the sciences was immediately reflected by my dedication to my college courses. Through my academic background I developed the qualities that are essential for a pharmacy student. Moreover, I also sought...
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