Statement of Purpose

Topics: Graduate school, Postgraduate education, Pharmacology Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: September 29, 2011

The quest for knowledge has always been my ardent wish. This quest for knowledge and necessity has unearthed me into this beautiful sophisticated world. As a devoted student, I am eager to confront the challenges by pursuing graduate studies from reputed institutions. What sets me apart is my dedication to finding solutions and thirst to reach zenith of triumph. I have decided to pursue postgraduate studies and research in the area of Pharmacology. Pharmacology is a subject that is of great importance to me in terms of my career goals and personal complacency. Undergraduate study, therefore I feel is not a denouement of what I call a journey towards excellence and competence. In under graduation you are more diverse in your fields and know little specific in various fields. Graduate study brings one to a cutting edge of field and provides a solid foundation to build future careers. It's an opportunity to realize ones career objectives or personal desires. I have absolutely no qualms in proceeding along the path that I have been contemplating, the past few years. Early Inspiration:

Kindling a spark within me to reach out for something new and creative began with my early education in one of the best schools in my state. My schooling put me on firm grounds regarding academics and a strong value system. I realized the importance of an analytical approach to the solution of any problem. This propelled me to tack up sciences as major in my +2 putting me in league with scores of other students around the state aspiring to tack highly competitive state wide common entrance examination (to go into under graduate institution). Under graduation Education:

The basic interest in logical thinking led me stand in the top 4% of the students who took the exam for under graduation. This helped me to secure seat in a reputed college of ---------- University, a premier Institution in the state with proven immense potential and vastly proliferating research...
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