Statement of Purpose

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“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” so said Hippocrates. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity . Since childhood I was enamoured by the practice of medicine. The thought of handling emergencies in a hospital always thrilled me. Hence I constantly contemplated of pursuing a career in medical field since school days.. Thanks to my mother who instilled in me love for the pursuit of excellence in academics, particularly science. Her constant support and guidance was instrumental to the successful pursuit of my interests.

With science as my chosen field in junior college - biology was always one of my favourite subjects. This was because it brought me closer to exploring and answering some of my basic inquisitiveness about the human condition. With some of the early answers, the intrigue about the origin and treatment of human health problems and the after effects of such interventions. My grandmother being a Diabetes type II patient, I naturally took a keen interest in treatment and evolution of her condition. Her having to take insulin injections daily and yet go through the agony of eventually suffering from diabetic foot, made my resolve stronger to pursue a career in medicine. The hospital where she was admitted to comprehended the problem and acted responsibly without putting her life at risk and treating it completely for which we were eternally grateful. It made me realize that running a hospital is not a one man job, in this case a good doctor. It also involves the presence of other trained and qualified personnel on board which accounts for efficient running of a hospital.

During my academic work leading to the first degree in dentistry in Kolhapur (affiliated to the Maharashtra University) I had the opportunity to witness human suffering aggravated by pressing economic circumstances. This changed my life in many ways. Soon I was able to decipher how everything in...
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