Statement of Purpose

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I did very well during my undergraduate studies at the prestigious R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore ( securing the 7th rank among 2000 mechanical engineering students in the Bangalore University. As part of the curriculum requirements, I worked on the analysis of Wildhaber-Novikov gears for defense applications. The project was adjudged as one of the best projects in the college and was awarded maximum marks during evaluation (for a description please visits

As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to be exposed to Rapid Prototyping. I took up an extensive study on this class of processes, its role in the product development cycle, its limitations and the future. This resulted in a technical review paper entitled "Rapid Prototyping … The Future is Wow!". I won many prizes when I presented it at various technical seminars (the entire paper is available at

Soon after graduation, to continue my interest in rapid prototyping, I joined Advanced Product Design and Prototyping (APDAP), at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore as a CAD Engineer. My responsibilities at APDAP were CAD, 3D Modeling & Reverse Engineering. One of the major projects that I worked on was the reverse engineering of a fuel tank cap assembly for General Motors, U.S.A. I also got an opportunity to make a presentation on the applications of rapid prototyping in mold making at a workshop for the plastics molding industry. I am keeping myself abreast of the latest developments in rapid prototyping.

While working on CAD packages, I wanted to know the techniques used to store, display and manipulate the entities in these packages. This helped me in developing a strong interest in geometric modeling and computer graphics. At present, I am working on the problem of automatic construction of 3D solid models from 2D orthographic projections...
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