Statement of Interest

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Growing up in Seoul, Korea, I was immersed in a city which has grown into a truly global city. I clearly recall looking up at the skyscrapers, at the feet of giant whose shadows stretched for miles; the engineers abilities and imagination seemed staggering and limitless. The city is truly enormous, the world's second-largest metropolitan, with half of the entire South Korean population calling the greater Seoul area home. More than this, Seoul is my country's chief economic, political and cultural center. It is no wonder I grew up in awe of the engineering accomplishments that have made Seoul so very unique. And in recent years, the international population has been steadily growing, with many citizens being fluent in at least two languages, as I am. Since my time as an undergraduate, I have maintained a consistent path to Operations Research, and a Mastery of its fundamentals. I had a strong interest in computational statistics especially handling large-scale datasets. In data mining, statistical database, multivariate statistics, computational statistics, econometric analysis classes, I became fluent in my handling of large datasets and running simulations using SAS, S-Plus, Minitab and Matlab. My undergraduate education flowed logically into a graduate Industrial Engineering degree, which was focused primarily on stochastic process, data mining techniques and feature extraction methods. Throughout this time I increased my proficiency in English, even spending approximately two years at the University XXX, a school in which I earned a UBC scholarship for the highest GPA out of 89 other Korea University students. During my Master's research, I learned some very valuable lessons, not the least of which was during my interpretation of biomedical data project, with my advisor professor Woojin Chang. While I was to explore the non-stationary signal type data in ovarian cancer and develop feature extraction method and make a model for prediction of ovarian cancer in...
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