Statement of Explanation

Topics: Character, Stress, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Statement of Explanation – “The night that never happened” I am composing a creative piece in the form of a short story. The intended audience are adults who are unable to empathise with asylum seekers. I am agreeing with the prompt that ‘It is often the vulnerable and powerless, who are unable to avoid the effects of conflict.’ I will draw on ideas from the memoir “The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif” such as the setting and not to mention using a Najaf-like character who has similar history (dealing with the effects of conflict that is not of his own making). From the memoir, I will attempt to sway the audience to feel empathy for the Najaf-like character and change their mindset about asylum seekers. The Najaf-like character will have vulnerable and powerless qualities which hopefully the audience will understand better after reading this piece. I hope that they will be stirred to make allowances for asylum seekers, as they have suffered many hardships in their life. My creative piece will explore the idea that although one has escaped the conflict within their country, the effects never completely disappear and it is often the vulnerable and powerless who are most affected. The main effect of conflict I am exploring is fear of the past where the Najaf-like character experiences post-traumatic stress syndrome, as the same events leading up to one of the past events seem to be reoccurring. I intend to demonstrate that although some people escape conflict, they often cannot escape the effects of it. The trauma of the past can remain inescapable in their mind; even though they know they are safe. The piece will be called “The night that never happened” which emphasises to the audience that the main character (the Rugmaker, as he will be referred to) is indeed hallucinating. I am writing in an informal style, using third person and I will employ the ideas from the memoir and prompt and use this in a sophisticated piece with appropriate vocabulary related to the...
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