State of women in our society

Topics: Woman, Women's rights, Poverty Pages: 11 (3782 words) Published: October 22, 2013
State of Women in Pakistan



Factors which mar the state of women in Pakistan
> Illiteracy
> Poverty
> Feudalism
> Weak institution
> Judiciary
> Parliament
> Executive
> Lack of Political awareness
> Cultural barriers
> Misinterpretation of Islam in terms of woman empowerment > Corrupt media

Factors that can foster women development
> Promotion of education among women
> Reduction of poverty
> Abolition of feudalism
> Strong institution ensuring women empowerment
> Social, political, cultural financial and professional liberty among women > Positive role of religions in terms of women empowerment > Job opportunities for women
> Legislation on honor-killing, child marriage and vatta-satta system of marriage


Woman is one of the best creatures of the universe. She has been equally endowed with in terms of intellect, prudence and rights as man has been. The state of woman in Pakistan as compared to man are awfully miserable. She is badly victim of domestic violence and sexual assaults at working places. She is indeed meted out with massive atrocity and injustice. She is being denied her due social, economic, political and financial rights. She suffers badly in pursuit of her fundamental rights. Surprisingly enough, she has been deprived of her basic birth right of education which is the best source of women empowerment. It is only education that can empower her not only socially but also financially and professionally. It will be because of education that helps her widen the mental horizon. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that provision of education to every ordinary woman on the basis of equality can considerably change her fate. Undoubtedly, education plays a role of backbone in the development of woman at every level. The state of rural women as compared to urban ones needs urgent attention. The rural women are undergoing worst experiences at the hands of feudal lards. The have been kept vastly ignorant of their fundamental rights such as education, health, participation in politics, professional and financial liberty. They being illiterate and uneducated cannot fight for their basic rights. This gruesome state of woman is just because of lack of education. Inevitably enough, poor economic condition of woman has badly told upon state of woman. She has no say in any domestic affairs of life. She has been victim of male dominance. It is only male, who is to wield power in both domestic and private affairs of life. Whether it be choice of marriage, casting votes and some other financial and professional matters. There is another social evil of our society which is feudalism. It wipes out the entire factors which help woman to be empowered. It has really become a stumbling block in woman Empowerment. This social evil urgently needs to be addressed so that the chances of woman empowerment can became possible in the near future. Truly speaking, the poor state of woman can only be improved by promoting education ranging from primary to higher level and opening up the doors of opportunity for jobs in different departments. So that they can become socially, economically, politically and professionally strong.

Illiteracy indeed is a big obstacle to the social, economic and political development of woman. It has rendered common woman the helpless, voiceless and ignorant of their basic privileges. They being illiterate and under privileged cannot voice against the atrocities meted out to them. They have been reduced to extreme voracity and hunger. The developed nations of the world are encouraging woman empowerment by promoting standard education to women. Thus, they become strong not only socially and economically but also politically and professionally while the less developed countries are questing for foreign aid in terms of female education and spends a negligible amount of education and the rest...
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