State of Union Speech North Korea

Topics: North Korea, Nuclear weapon, World War II Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Thank You Statement:
* Thank you all for gathering here today as we gather to talk about what we need to do to keep pushing our great country North Korea forward. Current State of Union:
* Our current state is great but like all other countries we have some issues. Two Key Issues:
* Today I want to focus on creating a healthier economy, increasing our nuclear bomb production, and increasing the number of prison camps. 2. BODY
First Main Issue: CAUSE
* I want to begin by informing you about the state of our economy. With a GDP per capita of less than $2,000 we remain as one of the world's poorest and least developed countries, in sharp contrast to our enemy and neighbor South Korea, which has one of the largest economies in Asia. We are currently sitting at $20 million dollars in debt. We want to be the world’s most powerful country and strike fear but we must first begin by fixing our economy. Our war against South Korea known as the Korean War is the main reason for our debt because large amounts of aid from other communist countries, notably the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, helped us achieve a high growth rate immediately just so we could make it. EFFECT:

* The state of our economy has brought many problems to our country! Our Industrial capital stock is nearly beyond repair as a result of years of underinvestment, shortages of spare parts, and poor maintenance. Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption. Industrial and power outputs have stagnated for years. Also aggravated chronic food shortages caused by on-going systemic problems, including a lack of arable land, collective farming practices, poor soil quality, insufficient fertilization, and persistent shortages of tractors and fuel. SOLUTION:

* My solution is to raise taxes and strip everyone from their money and everything they own when they question my authority or this government....
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