State of the Union Notes

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Mr. Peterson 1st Period IB HOLA
Tuesday 28 January 2014
HW: Current Event: State of the Union
Live Transcription of Notes
Current Event: State of the Union 2014


6:00PM/ Being held in the senate chamber.
6:06PM/ Justices of Supreme Court and the Cabinet has entered. 6:09PM/ Michelle Obama enters the chamber.
6:10-6:14 PM/ President Obama enters the chamber and makes appropriate greetings to foreign diplomats. “How are you doing? Keeping busy.”
6:15PM/ Start of Speech. He addresses teachers and commends teachers for making graduation levels highest in 30 years. Entrepreneurs, Auto Workers, Farmers, Rural Doctors, 6:16PM/ Falters as he says that the war will end

6:17-6:18 PM/ Jobs are growing, unemployment dropping, not much foreign dependence on oil, deficit in half, China is no longer world's first investment – America is. 6:18 – 6:19 PM/ Can it be a break-through year for America? Currently best position for one. 6:19PM/ We are not doing right to shut down our government multiple times. 6:20PM/ Both I and you (Congress) want the trust of the people. We have been trying to make a budget compromise to create more jobs, not new crises. In coming months, let's make this a year of action (Americans want their hopes answered to). Responsibility! 6:21-6:22 PM/ For 3 decades, technology has eliminated middle-class jobs, and has made trust drop. Good stock quotes have helped the rich. But, middle-class is stalled – even in recovery. And all too many aren't working at all. Must reverse these trends. President is eager to take steps more for America, but is also willing to work with Congress. 6:23 PM/ First lady (his wife) sets a good example. Her “Let's Move” campaign has brought down obesity in children for fist time in 30 years. Biden-Michelle also have campaign for jobs for Gis. And there is a college summit in Washington D.C. With businesses, colleges, and governors – also there are stale political arguments, though 6:24 – 6:25 PM/ Progress through society made daughter of auto-worker into CEO, son of bartender into Speaker of the House, and son of

6:26PM/ Opportunity is who we are. We know where to start. We need access to good jobs, with companies hiring and insourcing jobs from abroad (better economy). Let's make the decision easier – flip the tax loopholes so that the tax code is less, but more straightforward. 6:27 PM/ First-class jobs must also make for first- class infrastructure – Streamline the construction and let's get those roads and waterways.

6:28 PM/ We want to make high-tech manufacturing hubs across the country. Have 2, could have 6+ more this year. Tells Congress to put the bills of jobs on his desk. Page 1

6:29 PM/ 98% of exporters are in Europe and Asia. Let's open the trade to new markets, so there are more goods in a global economy saying “Made in USA.” 6:30 PM/ Research cuts need to make innovation, not costly litigation. Let's make the next big American

6:31 PM/ All the above energy strategy made a few years ago works. We have little foreign energy dependence.
6:32 PM/ Let's invest more with the tax reforms to shift money from fossil fuels to fuels of the future (Natural gas and Solar (and wind))
6:33- 6:34 PM/ When worked with the cars, we made them energy efficient. Let's do that with trucks. We have reduce carbon pollution more than any other country on earth. But we have environmental changes still – there is a sense of urgency. And there will be some hard choices. And when our grandchildren ask us if we couldn't do better, we want to be able to say, “yes we did save the environment as much as we could.” 6:35 – 6:36 PM/ Fix the broken immigration system. Both members of house and senate want to do something about it. And they make businesses want to come here. “Let's get it done it's time.”

6:37 PM/ Andra Rush, CEO of Ford found the workforce. Ans so, she...
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