State of the Union (Barack Obama)

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Iraq War Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The State of the Union Speech

President Barack Obama begins the speech with a purpose of putting a bid in for the 2012 presidential election. He starts off with the large success in halting the Taliban and the Iraq war. Following statements prove he has a strong sense of middle class awareness and the gradual rise. He then moves along to the stock market rising again for the first in a long time since its slow decline. President Barack Obama states that nearly four million jobs were lost in the six months before he took office; he has created 3.2 million jobs in the last 22 months.

One of the things that President Barack Obama leans heavily on is the uproar and rise of the economy. Since he was put in office he has filled 3.2 out of the 4 million job deficit that he was elected into, last year American businesses created the most jobs since 2005. Making a 2 trillion dollar deficit cut and putting “wall street accountable and responsible for any further mistakes so a crisis like this never happens again”. With over one million jobs at stake and after a bailout for General Motors when they were near the verge of imminent collapse he has turned them around to be the largest automobile manufacturer once again. President Barack Obama believes in keeping American thriving with other American businesses such as, new manufacturing and American energy. It is no longer cost effective and as efficient as it used to be for foreign imported goods at the cost of our economy.

President Barack Obama then talks about the tax codes. A business moving overseas to avoid taxes isn’t right compared to the small American businesses that do not have the opportunity or financial means. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world and these big companies are exploiting the American system and outsourcing jobs by not providing them to Americans. He wants to introduce a system that would charge a basic minimum tax rate in which companies who choose to stay in the...
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