State Of The Union

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President Obama's State of the Union Speech: 
Topics Chart
Topics you expect the President to bring up:
Was the topic brought up?
 Middle Class
 Because we are having problem with the economy
 Cause before the speech there was a new rule that if you do good in school you get two free years of college  yes
 Working families
 My mom was talking to me about a men and a lady working really hard and they met Obama  yes
President Obama's State of the Union
Assessing the Speech
List the topics and plans outlined by President Obama.
Between 1 and 5, how persuasive was the president's argument?(1=not at all, 5=very persuasive) Do you agree with the argument? Why or why not?
 Minimum wage
 Their some people working hard and are not getting the money they deserve so he addressed that they should get a raise 5 Yes I agree because people who work like 15 hours a day should not be getting 8 dollars an hour they should get more money  Opportunity

 Obama said that he will veto any bill if it takes away are freedoms 5  I agree because we would be slaves us black people and we would never have the powers we have known we have it really good and a lot of people worked for these we should keep it going  College

They made a law that students that work hard for their grades should have two free years of college 5  Yes I agree because working hard stundents need that
Obama called for more tax
 I don’t agree with that because we have to pay the government lot of money anyway so that’s more money  
 Middle class
 The economy is sinking to the bottom for middle class people 5
 This a fact
 Working families
 Family work so hard they don’t get enough money so Obama addressed that working hard people with kids should get a raise  I agree because people with only theirself is different from people with kids they have to pay triple the money they pay  

State of the Union Address Worksheet
please answer in complete sentences.

1. What is the purpose of the State of the Union address?
To address whats happen and saying we might get through some the problems 2. When was the first annual presidential message?

3. When did this annual message become known as the State of the Union address?

4. When was the State of the Union first broadcast on television at night?

5. Before watching the State of the Union, use the Topic Chart to predict what topics the president will talk about. Watch the speech and see how many you got right. 6. Complete the Assessing the Speech Chart and rate the president's arguments. 7. Rhetoric: How would you describe President Obama's style? Circle all of the following words that apply. PassionateInteresting

Well-worded Energetic
Sophisticated Annoying
Repetitive Boring
Patriotic Inspirational 
Other descriptions:
8. Did the President recognize any individual people during the speech? Who? Why?  

9. How would you rate the speech? (Poor, fair, good, very good, excellent) Why?  
10. What did the journalists/political commentators on the PBS News Hour say about the State of the Union Address? Does their assessment match yours? Would you change your evaluation of the speech after listening to the professional commentators?   

 The State of the Union: Important Dates

1790: President George Washington delivers the first "annual message of the president." 1801: Thomas Jefferson, believing the tradition of speaking to Congress is too "royal," sends his annual message in a letter. The written tradition continues for over a century. 1823: President James Monroe sends a letter to Congress which outlines the Monroe Doctrine opposing European intervention in the Americas. 1862: As Civil War battles rage, Abraham Lincoln sends his famous "last best hope" annual message to Congress. 1913: Woodrow Wilson...
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