State of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose
At this juncture, where I have made one of the most crucial and obvious decision of my professional career, I would like to list the factors that influenced me most and went into the making of this decision. Electronics Engineering has made an indelible mark on my psyche right from my school days. School made me realize my potential and what I was capable of. There was an opportunity for almost any and everything. By the time I reached senior school, I participated in elocutions, plays and was member of various school sport teams. I was very grateful to my mentors who emphasized more on practical knowledge. During my high school days, I was captured by electromagnetism which seemed very interesting. Electromagnetism at work in few toy projects like electric bell, railway signals enthralled me. Since then I have indulged myself in making the models of such projects. This childhood interest has had a significant impact on me for it has deeply rooted in me the sense of inquiry and curiosity. My undergraduate program has given me a strong background in the fundamentals of various Electronics subjects’ life Digital Electronics, Integrated Electronics, Microprocessors, Microwave Engineering. Etc and Communication Engineering topics like Signals and systems, Analog Communication, Digital Communication, etc. As an undergraduate student I have found keen interest in the subjects of Microprocessors and microcontrollers in particular, which has stimulated me to take up further specialized studies in this field. In my seventh semester I have done a project in embedded systems domain at NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) a government of India enterprise. My project was “Electrical Equipment Control through a PC”. This project focused on interfacing a PC with the electric appliances using suitable hardware and then developing a software program to control these appliances. I was the leader of the team of four. This project has brought the...
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