State of Public Trust

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A Report on the State of Public Trust

A Report on the State of Public Trust

A Report on the State of Public Trust
The issue of public trust is an issue that is seen in every country. When reviewing Edelman’s Public Trust Barometer I had several questions about what a public trust barometer really was. How does this barometer help businesses? How did Edelman formulate his factional information? Has recent political and financial scandals affected the public trust barometer? Edelman’s public trust barometer is an interesting and factional survey that can affect businesses.

How does Edelman get his factional information on public trust? There are over five thousand people that are surveyed online in five countries, (Edelman, 2011). The people that are surveyed are screened as college educated and hold a top twenty five percent household income, and watch or read the media, business news, and public policy, (Edelman, 2011). The selected people are asked a series of questions about trust in media, government, non-government organization, and business. They are expected to answer the questions honestly. Edelman takes this information and formulates his perspectives on public trust for that calendar year.

Why are public trust and this barometer important for businesses and business owners? This barometer and survey helps better understand how the public feels and trust businesses. This can be crucial to understanding how to gain the trust of your customers. In the video, Edelman explains that it is crucial to a business to be for profit and for social benefit, (Edelman, Key Findings). Customers need to feel a social connection to be able to trust a company. This barometer also explains why public relations, advertisement, and the media are very important for business. Businesses need to use several outlets to be able to start gaining trust of the public, (Edelman, Key Findings). To be able to get trust of the public,...

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