State of nature and social contract

Topics: Political philosophy, Social contract, Government Pages: 4 (1517 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Mario Llanos
Ms. Burleson
Philosophy 1301

A World of Freedom and Security

In a world that freedom is guaranteed, you are able to do as you please. This place is great to be if there was a way to insure that everything you own will be safe and that people who destroy what’s yours will be penalized and justified. Life without rules is a place that can be chaotic when there is no one to help you protect your property. For a better world to be formed, people will have to give up most of their freedom to be secured and safe. As time goes on one world must end, but as one ends another begins. A life that is organized with rules and freedom that are equally shared between the people is the world that we live in now. The government is the reason why we can somewhat live in peace with each other. They pass laws in order to protect us, while trying to let people keep some of their freedom. As society progresses on, the more the government tries to take peoples freedom, the more they try to contain people like animals in a cage. The social contract and state of nature are two concepts that show how the government was created and how they make their rules in order for their people to be safe while still having freedom to do as they desire. A world that has not been introduced to civilization is a world that is in a wild primitive state. This world is a state of equality, where all powers of a human being is the same and no one has more than another. Although people get to live entirely free, this freedom is not a state of complete license. It is limited to the bounds of the law of nature, which keeps it from ever having a natural hierarchy among humans. Every kind of specie was the same rank and same advantages of nature. This is what people call the state of nature because of the unstructured ways that people live. This state has no type of government or procedures for rules for people to follow, which allows human being to wrongfully hurt other by...
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