State of Georgia v. McKenzie Crowe, 2013: Criminal Trial in the Newton County Courthouse

Topics: Alcohol law, Supreme Court of the United States, Law Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 2, 2013
December 2, 2013
State of Georgia v. McKenzie Crowe, (2013)
Criminal Trial; Newton County Courthouse

The Criminal Trial of Defendant McKenzie Crowe consisted of several different key factors that contributed to the death of Allison Bell, a beloved grandmother, mother, and sister. On January 28, 2013 at 2:30 a.m., McKenzie Crowe was driving northbound on Cook rd. while the victim Allison Bell was Explorer was totaled. Authorities airlifted Allison to Grady where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. When McKenzie Crowe’s blood alcohol level was taken, she had a 1.02% blood alcohol level. Unfortunately the limit while intoxicated is .08%. This is true only if the driver is of a legal drinking age, which is twenty-one. All drivers who are younger than twenty-one should read nothing more than .02%, or the driver may be charged with a standard DUI offense as well as underage drinking and driving. Based on the information given how long should McKenzie Crowe be held for taking the life of Allison Bell? The Supreme Court Judge Eugene Benton forewarned McKenzie Crowe that she could actually get fifteen years in confinement. The Judge handed down the case to the prosecutor, who advised McKenzie that she has up to four years to file for habeus corpus. The prosecutor then proceeded to ask McKenzie if she gives up her rights and pleads guilty. After reading McKenzie her Miranda rights she suggests for the states recommendation for counts two and counts four. The Judge then read the Miranda rights to McKenzie asking her if she understands, and if all the facts are true. The Judge made it perfectly clear that there could be Page 2 no one to cause her to plead guilty. McKenzie could only plead on a voluntary basis and factual basis. There had been no negotiations made, but yet McKenzie still wanted to...
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