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Abortion West Virginia Senate Bill 76
NURS 501: Health Policy

Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy that involves a human life whether intentional or unintentional. Any form of a living cell or group of cells that form life. Over the years the State of West Virginia has spent millions of tax dollars on voluntary abortion. This paper will discuss Senate bill no. 76, prohibiting state funding of abortion. The bill does not make it illegal to have an abortion but to make the individual responsible for payment.

Introduction of Problem/Issue and Related Bill
Abortion has been a controversial issue for many years. An abortion is the death of an undeveloped embryo or fetus. The type of abortion to be discussed in this paper is an induced abortion. There are pro-life groups and pro-choice groups that voice their opinions on abortions. The pro-life group does not support abortion. This group generally does not care who pays for the abortion. The pro-choice group believes that one should have the right to make the decision on whether or not to have an abortion. This group generally does not care who pays for the abortion as long as it is a right.

There are on average 800 abortions per year in West Virginia. The majority of these abortions are determined elective. The current statics show that on average one in three women have had an abortion. The State of West Virginia pays an estimated $400,000 in 2006 for elective abortions (Ertelt, 2009). Abortion is legal in the State of West Virginia and is currently state funded.

In the State of West Virginia, Senate Bill (SB) 76 was introduced by Senators Jeffrey V. Kessler(D ) from district 2, Jesse O. Guills (R) from district 10, Frank Deem (R) from district 3, Clark S. Barnes (R) from district15, Joseph M. Minard (D) from district12, Jack Yost(D) from district 1 and William R. Laird IV (D) from district 11. SB 76 is a bill to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, by adding a new clause and not allowing the state to fund abortions except in the event of medical necessity and rape or incest.

SB 76was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary and then to the Committee on Finance where it currently resides. This bill was introduced on February, 11, 2009, and was to amend the Code of West Virginia 1931 ( A copy of SB 76 is included as Appendix A. Background/Significance and Scope of the Problem

Abortion has been discussed and argued for many years. There are groups that feel abortions should be illegal and not performed and then there are groups who think it should be an individual decision. Also there is controversy as to whether or not the fetus/embryo is a living human being or not at conception. There are Christian support groups that say a fetus/embryo is living upon conception. The Christian community does not support abortion. The two groups that will be discussed here are pro-choice and pro life.

The economical consideration that needs to be considered with SB 76 is the approximate $400,000 that could be saved by the state if funding was not available for abortions. Insurance payouts for complications related to abortions would be decreased because not as many abortions would be performed.

Ethical considerations related to abortions continue to be argued. The pro-life supporters feel that it is unethical to have an abortion (Ertel,2009). Those individuals that are pro-choice argue that abortions are ethical and that it should be the individuals’ rights. Abortion will remain a controversial issue based on individual preferences and morals. Pro-life and pro-choice groups will continue to feel that their support toward abortion is ethical. There are concerns that if abortion is not state funded than women may get abortions illegally and by untrained individuals. If abortions are performed by untrained individuals and in unsterile places than...

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