State and Federal Prisons

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State and Federal Prisons

When a criminal is arrested the type of crime determines whether or not he or she will be confined to a state prison or a federal prison. Federal and state prisons vary but may have the same theory. State prisons are run by the individual state and federal prisons are under the control of the federal government; both federal and state prisons can be run by private companies. The prison system has evolved greatly over the years.

History of State Prison

During the age of enlightenment state prison were formed because scholars felt that there was a more humane way of treating criminals. Prison was not used as a form of punishment before the enlightenment era; it was primary used as a holding place for men, woman, children and the mentally ill, that were awaiting trials. The first penitentiary was formed in 1790, known as the Walnut Street Jail. “the Auburn model penitentiary, which became the American prototype because of its cheapness and economic productivity” (Burk F, 2006). Southern states took on their own model and created the agricultural prison in the 1930’s. Inmates were to be used as workers for farms. Men and Woman who are confined to state prisons are confined to The Department of Corrections. The department of corrections consists of men, woman, juveniles, juvenile schools and work release programs. Today state prisons are ran according to classification

History of Federal Prison
Inmates that commit crimes such as bank robbery, inside trading, and tax evasion are sentenced to federal prisons. Criminals that commit crimes against the federal government are housed in these prisons. Federal prisons are run by the federal government; in 1891 an act called the “Three Prisons Act” was created by congress. This act help establish the Federal Prison system which created three prisons to be built, Leavenworth, Atlanta, and McNeil Island. Since overcrowding was becoming an issue in 1928 James V Bennett did a study which...
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