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Information Technology Acts Paper
Alishia Hamilton
June 30, 2014
Colette Gardner
Information Technology Acts Paper
As technology develops, it is being used more and more each day. In a society, we use the internet for everything from communicating through emails, text messages and videos to researching for school or work. Ordinarily most websites require personal information such as your name, number, address, school, and, etc. With giving information out almost anyone, could then discover and use that information for any intention. Anyone’s personal information could then be discovered by a sex offender, pedophile, and other unwelcome strangers. Today children benefit from the resources the internet offers when it comes to education, but what about everything else they do on the internet? Children now take advantage of everything the internet has to offer which caused for new protection acts. The perspective of this paper will provide the reader with insight on the advances of technology that resulted in new ethical issues necessitating the creation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,1998 (COPPA) and the Children’s Internet Protection Act, 2000 (CIPA). These two topics are focused on providing privacy and accuracy of individuals’ personal information. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA,1988). The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was implemented in 1998 to protect the collection of personal information from and about children on the internet under the age of 13. According to COPPA “,it's unlawful for an operator of a website or online service directed to children, or any operator that has actual knowledge that it is collecting personal information from a child” ("COPPA," 1998). However, an operator of any website or online service may collect personal information from a child if they obtain verifiable parental consent for the collection, use and disclosure of the information. Children’s...

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