Topics: East Germany, Germany, Stasi Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Even though the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, Stasiland
shows that one can never be free from the horrors of
tyranny. To what extent do you agree?
In Anna Funders investigative account, Stasiland, the lasting effects of tyranny and persecution are explored. The damage it did to Julia, to Frau Paul and to Germany as a whole is shown to still exist. Julia experiences the mental damage done to her by the Stasi daily. Frau Paul is unable to regain the time she lost with her son. The country is forever associated with the horrors done by a small portion of there population. The horrors may differ for each individual but that does not mean that they have any less of an effect.

The Stasi persecuted Julia, Anna’s landlord, for her association with an Italian boyfriend and this caused her irreparable damage. Everyday Julia lives with the horrors done to her by the Stasi, unable to ‘move forward’ with her life and unable to form new relationships due to her fear and distrust of men. She disobeys rules and regulations, even the ones she sets for herself as a subconscious rejection of the Stasi. Julia is late to turn up to her meetings with Anna, meetings she herself agreed to and suggested. Her actions and words convey a deep sense of damage done to her. Julia, even with the help of a psychologist, is unable to rid the effects of the Stasi. For her the tyranny of the Stasi won’t be ‘ever, really over’. Julia is unable to feel confident I her own abilities due to the way they rejected her over and over. This can be seen in Anna

perception of her and her abilities. The damage done to her is so irreparably scaring that in an attempt to escape Julia moves to San Francisco. In a letter to Anna, Julia states that she ‘feels more at home’ in San Francisco then she ever did in Germany. Though she is more at home there, there is no doubt that she is still damaged. The world may have moved on Julia is unable to escape the damage and effects of the Stasi....
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