Starving for Perfection

Topics: Starvation, Anorexia nervosa, Nutrition Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: October 26, 2007
Starving For Perfection
I would define anorexia as a strive for perfection. I would agree that anorexia is an obsession. Victims of anorexia are obsessed with the way society looks at thinness. Its all about being thin, being able to wear a size two to a size ten. Who says that small sizes are perfect. I believe that everyone was made to be different, not only in color and height but also in size. Victims of anorexia are leading a life of self destruction, with hopes of being perfect.

When you look into most magazines of today, think about what you see. Think about how you are influenced to purchase something, or make something based on the way it looks. That is how victims of anorexia are, they see someone smaller and start feel that they are too fat. Then comes the starving part. Our books, magazines and televisions are teaching our young society that thin is in. Then you have children ages nine and up wanting to diet to keep the weight off (Renes pg. 38). Society knows that teenage girls have dreams of someday becoming models or movie stars. Some grow out of it, and yet some starve themselves to become the perfect person for the position.

Renes highlights that "refusing to eat is only a small part of the disorder" (pg. 38). I strongly agree with this point. Its sad yet true to see that there are other parts to anorexia. Victims of anorexia go through a physical and mental change. They mentally feel that there is something wrong with them physically. As they start to starve themselves, the weight decreases which can be fatal in some incidents of anorexia.

I do agree that victims of anorexia are obsessed with the way society wants them to look. Some victims feel that they would rather be happier two or three pounds lighter, and that is when the situation gets out of control. I myself would rather be pleasantly plump and happy, than be unhealthy and think that I am happy.

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