Starting a Day Early

Topics: High school, Sleep, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Starting a day early is a healthy way to live. Most teenagers and even kids now days, usually woke up late at around noon. To train kids to wake up early can only be done by making school starts as early as 7.30 am. In my opinion, I agree that school should start early. Allowing students to start school later would mean that students do not get proper life skills and preparation for the world outside of school. If students are allowed more time to sleep in the morning when thrust into the world of work they will not be prepared to get up. Getting a routine helps to organize a schedule that can carry on until work and that improves concentration at an earlier point of the day. If students want to be more alert and concentrate better they should go to bed earlier, why should they be given the chance to sleep in just because they have not had enough sleep? They should be told that they should go to bed earlier if they want a productive school life. Without a structured lifestyle and the enforcements of a school timetable students will merely think of other excuses as to why they are not performing. Although school starting at a later date would supposedly enhance concentration of the students in schools and that they would be more awake, I believe this is not so. This is because students would have a longer time to get ready in the morning and because they would get to school later, they would stay-up later during the night. Therefore, students would get just as much as they get now with early school times. Also, students may be more inclined to ask their parents to stay out later because they do not have to be at school so late. For the administration it would be difficult to impose a later school beginning time because of the complications that would arise regarding the time school ended. Because a later starting time would mean a later ending time, students would not get off school until about 5-6pm. If students are involved in extracurricular activities, they...
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