Starting a Business in Crisis

Topics: Leadership, Boss Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: September 29, 2015
Management and Organization

Professor: Karen Haley Allen

On Forbes Magazine article ‘Exceptional Leaders Create An Awareness Of Greatness In The Workplace’1 By Elizaveta Bogadist-Kataeva

September 2015

It is impossible to imagine a successful business, if the leaders always point to the failure. There is a special caste of exceptional leaders, superheroes, who have an uncanny ability to anticipate the greatness and success as well as profit growth where others cannot. Exceptional leaders are fighting the negative thoughts with positive actions, they fly like Superman to help with advice, praise and encourage employees as Batman always tried to cheer Robin. The author of the article gives us some tips on how to create awareness of the greatness at work: - Stay humble and optimistic;

- Build trust and continue to trust, even if it's not always worked in the past. Take what you were said with an open mind; - Serve as an example of your expectations to others;
- Capitalize the greatness in the people around you.
The article reminds us that the most important component of the business are the people directly dependent on them, and the company's success and longevity, and the profits and reputation. This idyll is attractive, but in the daily life many of us may have the impression that the world has only bad bosses, alas, they are still dominant, but there are good ones also. Good bosses (i.e. exceptional leaders) produce the best products, best services, and they manage the company development faster than others. I was lucky in life because I worked under three different exceptional leaders and learned a lot from them. But the very first thing I learned - there are no ideal leaders. Every exceptional leader has a lot of flaws that are often an extension of his/hers merits. Exceptional leader is a relative phenomenon. You often don’t realize the fact that you have a good boss while you're working under his/hers...
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